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There's a new trend in Insta Storie town!

And.. it's pretty addictive, not to mention fun!

It's also easy to create, helps to boost engagement and gives your tribe
something to look forward to.  Curious?

Get your peeps excited for the month ahead, a weekly quiz they can share with their own tribe in seconds and create excitement about a new challenge or theme and so much more.

Are you ready to use Insta Stories to connect with your followers faster and have SO much fun doing it!?

SImply click through the slider images above to see them in action and then hit "add to cart" to get your images in your Canva account and working for you.


What's included:
A Branded + Editable Mood Board · 25 Instagram Story designs Bonus 12 Instagram Story Covers+ Misc. designs · How to video tutorials


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