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Your Facebook Group isn’t “just another” group –so don’t you dare look like it!

Creating a Facebook group can be one of the best ways to
connect with your dreamies. 

But if design isn’t your thing, don’t squander all your creative juju picking out juuuust the right layout, spacing, photo and CTA for your graphics!

Instead, this pre-created, beautifully-designed Facebook Group Template Set will help you create gorgeous graphics and give your Facebook group a fun, fresh look right from the start. 

This pack comes complete with everything from well-designed welcome messages to pretty daily prompts to get your group into action. All you have to do is input your signature brand style (I’ll show you how!), plug in your copy, download and go!

It’s time to get back to growing your group–and doling out value to the peeps already inside.

Ready to grow your group faster with on point graphics?


What's included:
10 Facebook cover graphics · 13 weekly prompt graphics · 8 Announcement graphics · 9 Promo graphics · A Branded + editable mood Board · Customizable templates · How to video tutorials · Bonus tips + resources · Bonus 10 prompt graphics (rectangle)


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