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Create beautifully-branded, value-packed workbooks for your peeps just like your fave influencers!  #Goals

Whether you’re planning a fun free challenge, launching a new course or just doing a webinar where you actually want your peeps to pay attention, you need a high-quality, fillable workbook for your tribe.

This Event Workbook Template Pack includes ready-to-customize Canva templates with 10 gorgeous pages that you can edit, tweak and customize with your brand’s signature fonts, colors and style. The only thing that’s not included is the high-quality content – that’s on you, babe ;) .

Ready to wow your dreamies with high-quality (and wicked-gorgeous) workbooks?


What's included:
1-10 Page Workbook Template · A Branded + Editable Mood Board Template · Editable & Completely Customizable templates · How to video tutorials · Bonus tips and resources.


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