What if I already have some of the templates?
You can mix and match to complete your collection and make sure you have all the go-to visuals you need to create, recreate and repurpose at a moment’s notice.

With the prices already so low we cannot sub in templates you have already purchased Thank you for understanding.

What's included with the
Each Canva template pack includes:
• Video tutorials with step-by-step instructions to customize your templates and Canva account
• 3+ template variations that you can copy into your account and start using immediately
• Bonus tips, resources and strategies

Are these templates Canva 1.0 or Canva 2.0?
Great question. At the moment all templates are Canva 1.0 until Canva 2.0 is more reliable. You can copy your 1 templates into your 2.0 templates once you have made a copy for yourself.

To do this: Go to your Canva 2.0 Dashboard. Hover over your design for the 3 dots and select make a copy. Adjust as needed.

Can the bundle items be switched out?
Unfortunately the bundles are preselected and come as they are. They contain everything the individual sets do, but at a discounted rate. Score!

Can I use these templates on mobile or my tablet?
These templates were designed for desktop use. If you use Canva fonts only you can use them on you app after downloading them into your Canva account on your desktop.

How do I get these templates into my Canva account?

Each template set comes with a tutorial on how to access, download and use your templates right away. 

Can my VA use my Templates? 
Yes, your VA may use your purchased templates in your Canva account. If she wants to use them in her account, she has to purchase her own set. One set per account only, please.

Can I use your templates for my clients?
If you want to use my templates to create PDFs or graphics for your clients, you'll need to upgrade to the commercial license.  Please note that you cannot transfer my templates to your clients, they would need to purchase their own templates.

Can I create products to sell? 
You can use my products to create digital products like PDF ebooks, workbooks, graphics etc. for your business. You cannot use my templates to make your own Canva templates for sale or for client work without purchasing a commercial license.

Thank you for understanding and respecting the hard work that has gone into creating these templates.

I don't have a commercial license. What do I do?

Don't stress, you can purchase one here. 

Do you offer refunds?
Since you'll get access to all the templates and trainings right away, I won't be able to return your money. However, if you have any issues at all, please reach out to me at hello@nicholette.biz.


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