You’re a smart, savvy boss, but your graphics
are a hot, freaking mess.

Does any of this sound like you? 

  • You’re exploding with ideas for social media posts, courses, programs and freebies, but you never actually breathe life into them because you don’t know how to design them!
  • You don’t have a solidified brand, look or style and you know it’s keeping you stuck in Amateur land and stopping you from getting the clicks, clients and compliments you crave (but you don’t really know what to do about it)
  • You’ve played with Canva (and love it) but you don’t have a process in place to get your graphics done–so you fumble your way through each and every time (and do a LOT of centering, aligning, resizing –and of course, overanalyzing :) )
  • You’ve tried to DIY your graphics and they’re more ‘mehh’ than ‘ahh-may-zing’, and you haven't been quite ready to work with a pro

Babe, stop 🤚

What if you could trade all of that, for all of this:

  • A fully setup and organized Canva account, so you know where everything is–and how to use it
  • A suite of branded, cohesive Canva templates–for everything from blog graphics to Instagram stories
    – personalized to your biz and branding 
  • A solid system and process for creating graphics that's easy to understand, use, manage and maintain (for reals)
  • Graphics that stand out and make a statement. Every. Single. Time

All with the help of one of the Internet’s savviest Canva users (and professional designer, to boot)? #humblebrag






I’m Nicholette (in case we somehow haven’t met).

To date, I’ve helped hundreds of busy, brilliant entrepreneurs just like you up their graphics game and get organized inside Canva, so they can consistently create gorgeous, on-brand graphics and get their “big ideas” out into the world faster than fake news spreads on Twitter.

Cause if there’s one thing I know it’s this: We live in a visual society and good graphics are crucial to your business. They’re what help you stand out, grow your tribe and bring in the green.

And if your brand looks unpolished, you look unprofessional. And then, nobody cares, clicks or buys.

But there's good news: There IS a way to get your graphics game on lock and create a totally branded and streamlined (read: fast and efficient) process for creating graphics for anything you need, on the fly. (Branded templates included.)

I know, because I created it...after speaking with hundreds of entrepreneurs who told me they didn’t launch, create or write half the things they wanted to simply because they didn’t have a graphics process (or a solidified ‘brand’) in place.

... Not on my rose gold watch. ;)


The Visuals VIP Experience is one part Canva coaching, one part Canva account set up and organization and final part Canva template design creation. 

By the end of our time together, you’ll have:
  • A fully functional and organized Canva account–set up and organized to suit your business, graphics and goals (including integration of your brand fonts and colors, logo if you have one–and templates!)
  • Canva templates that are ready-to-customize and roll. All templates are fully editable and and reusable, so you can reuse, repurpose and pay for your investment over and over again!
  • A personalized plan for your graphics/social media templates moving forward, so you’ll know exactly how to create exactly what you want to create (and deal with any hiccups along the way) 
  • Supercharged confidence in your Canva #skillz and clarity to create your visuals on the fly-whenver you need them!



 - 01 -
We start with YOU, boo. You’ll tell me about your #graphicgoals and then fill out a quick questionnaire. I’ll get to know you and your style through your own personal, #inspo-loaded Pinterest board! Then, I’ll pop you into Trello (my fave project management tool) complete with dates and timelines, so you always know where we’re at and what’s up next.

 - 02 -
We’ll hop on Skype to go over your Q's, talk all things Canva, and get clear on exactly what templates you need so we can get them working for you, stat!! I’ll even help you get clarity on your brand kit + elements (fonts, colors and other elements like patterns and images), so you can stop second guessing yourself and creating it all from scratch every time.

 - 03 -
Bring on the mocha lattes! Next, I switch into #designmode, starting with your moodboard + color palette. I’ll move onto creating your graphics and templates. Need revisions or any tweaks or changes to your design? No problem. We’ll fix ‘em right up during our final review and handover call.

 - 04 -
Finally, we smooth out the final touches. With your templates designed and your Canva organized, it’s time to get clear on your design process. I’ll give you professional pointers for ways you can streamline your graphics creation process and use your new templates + account so you save major time + money.

And don’t worry: That’s not all! We'll also go over how to create, edit, and save your visuals AND how to make sure that ANY graphic you create always matches. (Even if you decide to deviate outside our templates.)

Basically? You’ll have a clean, lean Canva account, a series of templates branded specifically to your biz and all the know-how to use them forever and ever to create graphics for #allthethings you need, any time, in no time at all. ;)

Sure, you could hire a fancy pants designer that costs more than two of your fave designer handbags (and a pair of those fit-you-just-perfectly jeans) combined to do all this for you.

Or you could do it yourself or have your VA piecemeal it together–and as a result, keep sharing your graphics and feeling like they’re just not as great as they should be. 

But , either way, you’re losing something: lots of money or lots of clients.

Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Finally, there’s a third option.
I created the VIP Visuals Experience to help entrepreneurs just like you. You don’t want to hire it out, but you also don’t want to phone it in. Instead, you just need a professional hand to help you create your own system, branded look and professional-looking graphics. And if you could get them in a template form that you can actually edit (curse you, PDF!), that’d be awesome, too.

Look no further, babe. I got you.

It’s time to create a branded look and personalized action plan to help you create great professional-looking graphics–and stop feeling the sting of looking amateur.







Design Coaching Package!

2 Hour pre-styling Intensive 

Custom Mood board + Brand board

Custom Canva Template Design
I'll design templates for your social media (with at least 3 variations) + an opt-in worksheet or checklist. You can repurpose + re-use ALL your graphics.

Canva Account Set up
I'll personalize your Canva account so you can create any visual you need
for your business seamlessly + easily

4 x 1 hour coaching calls 
You’ll have coaching calls for design questions, feedback, support and accountability.

One set of revisions

1. Project handover training

To helping you (or your team) use your new templates quickly and effortlessly.

2. Trello Project Board

You'll always know where we are in the process and how to access each template.

2 payment of $2000
Initial payment and deposit required to secure your place in my calendar.

Currently booking Winter 2018



It’s super simple!

1. It all starts with a short-n-sweet questionnaire, followed by an assessment call with moi, just to make sure this experience is perfect for us.

2. During your call, we'll go over your questionnaire, answer any questions you have and determine which of the above options–or other solution–suits you best.

3. Shortly after our chat (because I’m fast like that), a proposal will land in your inbox based on the project discussed.

Then all you have to do is sign the contract and return a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. So simple, it’s almost scandalous. ;)


So really, babe: Why wait to create branded templates and a clear plan of action for your graphics creation process?

Why wait to get your graphics done faster?

Why wait for “your stuff” to look the same across all your channels?

Why wait to have graphics (read: Pinterest pins, Instagram stories and Facebook prompts) that people literally look at and go, “OMG. That’s [insert-your-name-here]. I knew it!”

And why the heck wait to debut your creations to the world (instead of just keeping them tucked neatly in your brain or Evernote notebook)?

Right now, you could literally have great graphics out there hooking new clients and having them flock to you like 30-something women flock to their couches for The Bachelor.

Or you could just keep “throwing it all together,” hoping it looks decent and potentially losing out on #alltheclients who desperately need what you have to give.

It’s always your choice. ;)







Frequently asked questions: 

Do I already need to know how to use Canva?
It will be helpful if you spend some time playing around in Canva, but you don’t need to know how to use it to get started with these trainings.

Do I need to buy Canva for Work?
It will be helpful to help us streamline your approach and set up your account to save you ( and your team) time and frustration.

How do I get started? 
We'll hop on an Assessment Call to see how I can help you best. Then, you'll pay a non-refundable deposit to secure your place in my schedule and we'll get some dates and timelines secured. The remaining balance will be due before our final handover.

What's excluded from these services?
Logo design, stock images, or other graphic design elements needed for your branding. I can help you find solutions to suit your budget. Extra fees may apply. 

What do the templates include: 
Facebook banners, post and ads. Instagram squares and stories. Youtube banner and thumbnails. Blog - feature images, Pinterest graphics, content upgrades and blog side bar graphics. 

Do you offer custom design solutions not listed here, like ebook design or launch graphics?
Does the Kate Spade Website make you want to hide your credit card?  In short, yes! Let me know what you are looking to create when you schedule your
Assessment call with me.

Do I get my Canva Templates in PNG or JPG form?
Since it's all in your Canva account, you are not limited by copies or files. You simply download what you need when you need it.

What if I don't know what I need help with?
That's okay, too! We'll see if the free 20-minute assessment call will help give you more clarity.



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